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We are a very large family built through adoption. As such, many people are curious about our family life. We are often asked questions about our family, "How do the boys get along with each other?" "What does your family do for fun?" "Do you have any pets?" "What does Christmas look like at your house?"

OC fair

OC fair

 I want my children to understand that they are part of a family now and forever. To deepen that understanding we have developed our own family traditions that always incorporate positive traditions that the boys bring to this family from their family of birth or other previous placements. I also use family photo albums, home movies, and this web site to strengthen the family bond.

Band of Brothers


 This section will give you a glimpse of our family life in pictures. We hope you will see that despite our size and our various adoption stories, we are a family in the true definition of the word.



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