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Friends of First Step

A non-profit organization

Besides parenting my wonderful children and operating my supported living program I established a non-profit entity called "Friends of First Step, Inc." This organization was established primarily to allow an avenue to receive donations to fund community-based recreational activities for the adults I serve through my supported living program.

The adults I serve are all developmentally disabled and all live on a very fixed income. Often, once all of their living expenses are covered, my clients have no funds to participate in community-based recreational program. I believe that actively participating in recreational activities will increase my consumers' quality of life, therefore I make every attempt to fund such activities. Additionally, if stipulated by the donor, funds can be designated for a specific activity or need or for a specific person, even persons outside of our organization.

All donors who provide a mailing address will received a donation letter for the purpose of documenting the donation for his/her taxes. Cash donations can be made by mail or Paypal. Friends of First Step accepts donations of products and other items on an as needed case-by-case basis. If you are interested in making a donation please feel free to check out our wish list or use the paypal button to the right.

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